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Principles and Products

CCS International Circuits has over 60 years’ experience in the Printed Circuit Board Industry. CCS offers Single Sided & Doubled Sided Plated Through-Hole, Multilayer, Surface Mount, Flex, Aluminum and Microwave Teflon printed circuit boards with a wide variety of finishes. CCS offers complete support for designs from proto-type through production requirements. CCS believes in offering world class Quality, Innovation, Competitive Pricing and On-Time Delivery Every time.
EMC Technology & Florida RF Labs, A Smith Microwave business is a World Leader in the development and manufacturing of Thin film and Thick Film RF and Microwave Resistive Components, Signal Distribution Products, and Cable Assemblies. A long standing history of Serving the Military, Space, Telecommunication, Broadcast, Test & Measurement and Medical Equipment Industries with unsurpassed Quality and Innovation. Products include: RF/MW Cable Assemblies up to 60GHz, Fixed and Temperature Variable Attenuators (Thermopad), Terminations, RF Resistors, 3dB Hybrid & Directional Couplers, and Hybrid Specialties. Low PIM and Non-Magnetic versions available. AS9100, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSHAS18001 Certified. &
Madison Manufacturing offers over 80 years’ experience in the Electronics Industry. Madison combines American Quality, Innovation and Quick Turnaround to be a market leader for Military, Industrial, Commercial and Medical Markets. Madison offers the unmatched Hand Wound Components and Soldering Services. Specializing in Wire-wound, RF Chokes, Transformers, Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies. Prototype PCB Assemblies and Build to Print inductors and magnetics. ISO9000 certified.
Manufacturer of High Capacity Ultra Capacitors. Electrolytic Double Layer Capacitors- 2.7VDC up to 5000F, Low Equivalent Resistance. Metal Oxide Double Layer Capacitor- 2.3VDC up to 300F, Long Term Storage. Custom Modules-48VDC to 125VDC up to 166F. Custom orders welcome.
Ronken Industries is a recognized World Leader in the development and manufacture of AC & DC capacitors. Over 75 years’ experience in serving our clients in the Industrial, Commercial and Defense Markets. Products include: Oil Filled and Dry capacitors offered Oval, Round, Rectangular Metal cases and Wrap & Fill configurations. Ronken can offer a wide variety of special application needs from 5 pcs up to production. Primary applications: Lighting (HID/UV/Neon), Ferro Resonate and Static Power Supplies, Power Factor Correction, Motor Run, Energy Discharge and Frequency Charging/Filtering. Ronken has a proven track record of delivering the best quality and service every time.
Since 1963 Voltronics Corporation has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of Multi-Turn Trimmer Capacitors. Inventors of the non-rotating trimmer design that does not move in and out when tuning. This innovative design increases reliability in demanding applications such Hi Vibration and Shock while maintaining excellent tuning linearity. Voltronics offers a full range of Dielectrics including: Air, Glass, Sapphire, and PTFE materials. In addition to our Multi-Turn trimmers Voltronics proudly offers our World Class ½ turn trimmer’s capacitors, Microwave Tuners and a Full Line of Non-Magnetic Products for our clients in MRI. Non-Magnetic products include: Trimmer Capacitors, Fixed Chip Capacitors, Hardware, Air Inductors, Baluns, Diodes and Connectors.
Eclipse NanoMed is a Leading Edge Manufacturers that offers World Class Surface mount, Leaded and Custom Assembly MLCC capacitors in both COG and X7R. Eclipse NanoMed brings over 80 years of experience to table at their World Class Carson City, NV facility that is equipped with a Class 10,000 clean room, full service machine shop and extensive testing capabilities. Eclipse NanoMed services the following industries: Oil Exploration, Geothermal, Military, Aerospace, Medical and Specialty Telecom. Eclipse NanoMed achieves the Industry best Volumetric Efficiency, High Dielectric Breakdown-DWV, Insulation Resistance-IR, Dissipation Factor-DF and Quality Factor-Q while maintain predictable performance characteristics related to variations in temperature, applied voltage and time.