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Over 16 Years
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Specializing in Non-Magnetic Products for 18 Years

Principles and Products

60 Years’ Experience Supplying Printed Circuits Boards for Commercial, Industrial and RF Applications

  • Prototype 5-7 days, Single Sided PCB up to 24 layers, 4/4 Mil Line Width & Spacing, Micro Vias
  • FR4 (All Variations), Polyimide, IS410, Immersion Gold and Silver, OSP, Heavy Copper, Aluminum. or

Specialty Manufacturer of High Quality Wire Wound Magnetics, Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies

  • Pot, Rods, Cross Cores, U-E-I, Strip Bobbins, Torroids, RM, Touch Tone Cores
  • Baluns, Core and Bobbin Winding, UV Gluing.

Manufacturer of High Capacitive Density Super Capacitors

  • Electrolytic Double Layer Capacitors- 2.7VDC up to 5000F, Low Equivalent Resistance
  • Metal Oxide Double Layer Capacitors & Custom Modules-48VDC to 125VDC up to 166F.

Manufacturer of High Quality AC/DC Film Oil and Dry Film Capacitors

  • Film Paper Style, 660VAC up to 4000VAC. Prismatic and Oval Can Options
  • Film-Paper SCR Commutation Style, 400Vp up to 2000Vp. Prismatic and Oval Can Options
  • Metalized Polypropylene Style, 220VAC up to 660VAC. Oval and Round Can Options
  • Metalized Polypropylene Power Factor Correction, 240VAC up to 600VAC 60Hz 3 Phase

Manufacturer of High "Q" RF Multi-Turn, 1/2; Turn , 1 Turn Variable & NM Fixed Capacitors

  • Variable Multi-Turn Capacitors- PTFE, Air, Sapphire, Glass and Quartz up to 15KV
  • 1/2 & Single Turn Variable Turn Capacitors- Ceramic up 350VDC
  • Non-Magnetic MLCC. 0402-7565 SMD & Leaded
  • Precision Microwave Tuners- Metallic, Sapphire and Alumina up to 40 GHz
  • Non-Magnetic Variable Inductors & Hardware or

Since 1972 PCS has been a world class Supplier to the Printed Circuit and Screen Printing industry.

  • PC Board Production Equipment, Wet Process Systems & Test Equipment
  • PC Board Laminates and Substrates, Process Chemistry, Imaging Films, Solder Masks, Final Finishes
  • Screen Making Equipment, Inks (Thermal), Screen Making Products & additional products.

Manufacturer of Broadband Coaxial RF and Microwave Components.

  • Resistors, Power Dividers, Terminations, Hi-Power Flange-SMD
  • Coaxial &mps; Bi-Directional Couplers, 90 degree Hybrid, Dividers/Combiners
  • Ranges from .1MHz up to 70 GHz
  • Custom Specific Freq. and Designs Available upon request